The Ode of Time

The Ode of Time is a collection of engravings wich aims to the allegorical approach of the row of time. As a result of this botanological studing procces was a book where time occurs as a ''calendar'' of mountain origin flowers / plants, each of them symbolizes in particular every month of the year.
It consists of twelve miniature like etchings (flowers), flanked by floral decoration that varies per season in color and design. Τhe book is also enriched by four wood engravings (frontispiece, colophon and two vignettes).
The printing process of the book was done in the traditional typesetting - letterpress way. It was printed in the summer of 2014 to the typography studio of A.S.F.A. in 34 copies and nine proofs all on Arches Ingres Ivoir 160 gr. paper.

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The frontispiece. Wood engraving, 7 x 7,5 cm.
The kolophon. Wood engraving, 9,5 x 10,5 cm.

Up to down and left to right.

Hexagonia nitida, smilax aspera, prunus dulcis, anemone coronaria, primula veris, crocus veluchensis, lilium chalcedonicum, helichrysum plicatum, silibum marianum, flamulina velutipes.

Hand coloured etchings, 4,2 x 5,2 cm.

Photos from the inside of the book.

Miniature wood engraving in the role of a decorative


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