The Ceryneian hind

 The thirtd labour of Hercules in plain naration.

This small book is part of an effort to collect and record different versions of a wellknown ancient greek myth. Through the simple narration - illustration of the story and by using the traditional ways of typography, this handmade delux version in a limited ammount of copies was created.
The choice of this myth was not by random thougth. By the firsd side, following just the naration of the story it seems not to have any special aspects (relative to the other), because it simply recites the effort that Hercules did to hunt down Diana s beloved and special deer. In a second, more thorough interpretation of the myth there is the issue of ethical and practical dilemmas facing a person to achieve a goal that serves two different values. The greed of the tyrant Eurystheus and the perform of the task regarding Hercules who aimed at personal spiritual catharsis. So the hero through this coercion '' forced '' to make specific choices. He Risked of being among human arrogance and divine order. Situation wicht many times becomes a project of thought and object of artistic creation, of many people. (From the note of the issue.)
The book is '' dressed up '' with nine wood engravings, it was printed in an Original Heidelberg windmill in May 2015 at thetypography studio of ASFA in 111 copies and 14 proofs on Arches paper ''Ingres'', ivoire 160 gr. The texts were inculcated from solar plate clichés.

book cover, pantazis tselios ceryneian hind
The cover of the book. Wood engraving and solar plate clishé (typography), 13,5 x 7,5 cm.
the ceryneian hind, wood engraving, pantazis
Frontispiece. Wood engraving.
taigeti, wodengravig, pantazis tselios
The nymph Taegete bathing. Woodengraving.
woodengraving pantazis tselios
The lion's gate of Mycenae. Wood engraving.
hercules ans dianna, woodenraving, pantazis tslios
Hercules and Artemis. Wood engraving.
book covwer
book's ti, pantazis tselios
details book
detailspantazis tselios
detals pantazis tselios