Interior landscapes

This project is an attempt to illustrate various interior urban scenes. Up until now it is distinguished in two particular sections: The first which goes by the title '' Living spaces'' has to do with the depiction of specific public or private places, such as houserooms or distinctive city stores such as an old bookstore etc. The second section which is under the title ''Studios'', is a series of illustrated work spaces of fellow artists or craftsmen. Essentially each of these drawings acts as a peculiar interior portrait with many biographical references to the depicted individual. The whole project is also a homage to the famous ''ligne claire'' illustration movement.

All of the drawings are made with marker pens on Schoeller illustration paper. 28 x 36 cm each.

More details and drawings soon..

Public and private spaces

A smaller splash
An interior ''jungle''
Inside a garment store
The frog fountain
The ''source''
Time travel
Mythology night ( or Jupiters tranformations)
Japanese evening

An underground boockstore

A printing house
Self portrait
The visual artist Euripides Papadopetrakis
The printmaker Efstratia Macheridi
Portrait of Irene and Lahela
The printmaker Fotis Varthis
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