Pantazis E. Tselios was born in 1988 at the city of Lamia, Greece. From 2009 to 2015, he studied printmaking and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He also attended the studios of graphic arts/ typography.


The concept of his work refers to questions related to the meaning of time, the cycle of life and creation, and the world of celestial bodies. Values ​​inextricably linked to the behavior and relationships of the humankind over time. Key feature in his work is the attitude of narrated compositions. Another characteristic is the reference to a naturalistic perception / feeling, which acts as an effort to remind our lost connection with the natural world.

He is the cofounder along with Evripidis Papadopetrakis of the art project Driokolaptis,

He lives and works in Athens, Greece.



2017     Liber Novus/Driokolaptis-E. Papadopetrakis/P. Tselios, Romantso, Athens

2016     Engraving conversations- Iset, Athens

2016     100 years of greek printmaking, the collection of C&P Kolialis, Constantinople

2016       Studios 2015, Taf. The Art Fountation, Athens

2016     Not proper - Kix, Athens

2016     Tribute to Hans Christian Andersen, Ιanos, Athens

2015     Allegories - Solo Show, Ianos, Athens

2015     Diploma show exhibition, A.S.F.A., Athens

2015     Engraving allegories, Metaichmio publications, Athens

2014     Νulla dies sine linea, Taf. The art foundation, Athens

2014     12+1- Municipal cultural center ''Melina'', Athens

2014     The portrait of Kavafis (exhibition- drawing contest), Metaichmio publications              (2nd prize), Athens

2014     Printmaking under the bridge, Under the bridge theater, Pireaus

2014     Art in the loft, Ianos, Athens

2014     Art exchibition, cultural center of Ekali, Athens

2013     Art & City/Engraving Athens, Citylink, Athens

2012     Visualization, Gravrielides publications, Αthens

2012     Α'printmaking studio, ASFA, Athens

2012     Christmas in Athens video art festival, ''Anna & Maria Kalouta'' cultural center,


2011     Tribute to A.Papadiamantis, Municipal cultural center ''Melina'', Athens

2011     3rd painting studio of A.S.F.A., students exhibition, Athens    







Workshops & educational courses

2017     Intership in the teaching of fine arts. ''Ralio experimental elementary school'',


2014     ''nouns, adjectives and punctuation''. Workshop with main subject the hand

             typeseting and queries about the lay out of a page. A.S.F.A studio of typography               graphic design and the art of books, Athens 

2014      The C. P. Kavaphy drawing contest. Metaichmio publications (2nd prize), Athens

2013      Art & the city- Engraving Athens, printmaking workshop under the sponsorship

              Pireaus bank, Athens

2012      Bookbing course at the Babis Leggas bookbinding studio, Athens

2012      Byzantine bookbinding workshop at the Babis Leggas bookbinding studio  under

                      the aid of  the National Hellenic Research foundation and the european project

                      STUDITE, with subject the byzantine bookbing practics and aesthetics, Athens

 2011     5th ANIMART, organized by the European Animation Center, Kalavrita


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